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Music, Theatre, Dance

Music you can feel with your body. Music in direct contact with its audience. That’s what Sounding Bodies is all about - it is an organisation creating theatrical music experiences. Sounding Bodies combines various disciplines into one synergetic form: 1+1=3

Sounding Bodies productions:

To The Extend of: – 2013
A special fusion between music, dance and images

Synergy 1+ – 2012
1 Cellist + 1 Street dancer on 1 square metre

From Silent Glass – 2011
Interactive improvisation for audience, space and cellist/performer

BachTherapy! – 2012
An experiential performance for one person that will change your life…

Bach Exclusive – 2013
Give BachTherapy! as a gift to a special person

Klassiek Raakt! BACH
With Klassiek Raakt! (Classis Music Touches) venue Muziekcentrum de Toonzaal ‘ s Hertogenbosch (NL) initiates a wonderful new series with a mission: make the Big Classical Works available to people with disabilities.

Ivory Tower
A duet of music and visual art.